Eastern Europe comes to the Hudson Valley.

"Thanks for the great music and good time"!

Robin and Peekskill Museum

"Thanks so much for playing. You guys were awesome and we hope to have you back soon".

Hoot Owl Resturant

... the more classical Eastern European group Madarka founded by Harry Sweet that garnered much praise from the public .

Baron Corso von Habsburg, food and wine critic

I love Madarka Band! One of my favourite bands

Youko (owner of Goman Kudasai)

2019 Updates

Alice at the Peekskill Museum

The Gardner Brewery and part of Music on Market in Ellenville were our first ice breaking gigs. Other fun times were at the Peekskill Museum, the intersection of Klezmer, Alice in Wonderland and a Victorian Tea Party.

Then on to competing in the "who is the hottest band completions (Celsius) in mid afternoon on the hottest day of the summer. The Rosendale Street Festival was, as usual awesome. And not only were there no medical emergencies, but folks were dancing in the sun!.. (Check out the Bubamara video on this page)

Dushka Ramic

Dushka Ramic

was born in former Yugoslavia and migrated to US in 1991, just before the war in Bosnia broke out.


She got her education, including musical in Bosnia and Croatia, but her love for traditional and Gypsy music was always there since she was a little girl.

Dushka is an entrepreneur, a pianist, singer, song writer, actress, mother of three, world traveller and her real passion is music.


About some of our lyrics..

One of the things I love about songs in languages I really don't understand, it that I am free to imagine the meaning. Spiritual, a love song, something inappropriate, political?

On the other hand, they do all have meaning in their original language. So, with that in mind I am going to share a few rough translations of some of our songs.

I'll start with the political. It seems appropriate in these times.

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